Colour Science for Cinema Cameras


Frieder Hochheim, the founder and president of the legendary Kino Flo Lighting Systems, been has been a dominant industry leader for over 34 years.  For his inventiveness and ingenuity, Hocheim is an honoured recipient of the CSC Bill Hilson Award for his outstanding contribution to the Canadian film industry, The ASC Bud Stone Award of Distinction, The BSC Bert Easey Technical Award and the Academy Award for Technical Achievement.

Hosted by: CSC Education Co-Chair Martin Wojtunik

MAY 30TH 2021  1:00PM  EST



During the1.5 hour session participants will learn about:

  • spectral response differences in cameras
  • Color Gamut on various devices
  • Differences in “White Light” spectrum
  • Challenges of color matching between manufacturers of lighting
  • How to use Gamut and XY in matching gel colors
  • Use of camera profiles to account for differences in camera response


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