Canadian Cinematographer Summer 2023

Canadian Cinematographer Summer 2023

Summer 2023 Issue

  • Guy Godfree csc and Claudine Sauvé csc feel the call of the land in Little Bird
  • Jeremy Cox brings the environment to the foreground in Until Branches Bend
  • Simon-Pierre Gingras dives into teen dreams for Coeur de slush
  • Nicholas de Pencier csc draws the blood of the earth in The Colour of Ink
  • Daniel Grant csc discovers parallel worlds in Slip
  • Harald Ortenburger csc gives the full shot on A camera operating
  • Kim Derko csc breaks down her career path in the Member Spotlight
  • On Set: out and about with CSC members
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    Intern Sponsorship


    The Future is Calling Intern Sponsorship

    • Create a path to work in the film and television industry
    • Remove obstacles underrepresented groups face in gaining access
    • Support marginalized youth
    • Diversify the film and television industry
    • Change the trajectory of a young person's life

    We will be in touch with you about the message you'd like to send interns in the four-page intern special in the November issue of Canadian Cinematographer.

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